Time to travel!



People have been asking me what I have been doing for the past 20-odd days having been pretty much off-radar. Well, here it is. The sum total of my travels, put up for the perusal of one and all.

Mother Google believes that this path can only be traversed by car or by foot. 56 hours by car. Doesn’t seem too long, does it? A pilgrimage indeed!


Varanasi was a city vibrating with the echoes of centuries of accumulated tradition and culture, where life still seems to revolve around the meandering course of the Ganga.  Delhi seemed to have calmed down a little, may be in response to the searing heat of the summer, but people seemed more laid back, the traffic was not so bad, and the city looked gorgeous. Panchkula, which usually translates into Chandigarh for most of us, was as hot as Delhi, if not more. The opening of new, beautiful and huge malls in Chandigarh has sadly over-powered the lure of the once dearly coveted visit to Sec-17 and its huge open spaces and exotic trees and the rows upon rows of shops catering to one and all.

The day we arrived in Palampur from the searing heat of the capital and Chandigarh, it was raining torrentially and everyone was wearing sweaters! Palampur seems to have grown umpteen new houses over the last year and more and more tracts are being excavated for newer establishments. The beautiful tea gardens are almost gone. But that is the inevitability of civilizational progression and how can I complain when my home was constructed in the middle of one of those tea gardens a good two decades ago.

The second leg of the tour is tentatively designed to proceed as follows:

In the middle there will be impromptu, work-related trips to New Delhi, maybe Pune and Surat for the hubbles. I will be working from home.

Each place deserves a post dedicated to itself, but that needs a computer capable of functioning without a power plug at its elbow for which travelling is not an ideal state. I promise to do it now that I am settled in one place finally.



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