The Random House May-June Book-Bag

This time Random house pulled out all the stops in the selection of books that they sent me.

First is the box that the books came in. It was huge! I just wanted to sleep with it for a night or two before I opened it, but then I just didn’t have the patience or the discipline for that. Thank you Sachee and Anindita! You are the my very own Summer Santas!

And look, look what they sent me. All the books are really really great picks. There is fantasy, murder, thriller, romance and even a little bit of matters-of-the-state stuff in this bag.

I am happy!

So the books in this bag were:

1) Tony Parsons – The Murder Bag

2) Erika Johansen – The Queen of the Tearling

3) Anita Desai – In custody

4) Reshma K. Barshikar – Fade into Red

5) Lee Child – Bad Luck and Trouble.

Whew! My eyes grow moist with unshed, happy tears just reading that list.

To be honest, I have already finished reading three of them. I didn’t mean to! I just opened the package and picked up one book to see how it was and, before I knew it, I was three books down. All of them were absolutely fabulous, just the kind of stuff that powers my engine and revs my motor (not very sure about those analogies) as some would say (and I actually know nobody who speaks like that)!

Also, Bookworm in McLeod Ganj yielded some great books too.

I have read almost all the fiction books. ‘Trespass’ was excruciatingly boring straight from the first chapter and I left it there. The top two books are my husband’s choices and will take me a long time to get around to, if ever.

So, what does my summer/almost-monsoon reading list seem like to all you bibliophiles out there?


10 thoughts on “The Random House May-June Book-Bag

  1. OMG, just drooling at all those books. What is Bookworm in McLeod Ganj? A book store you visit? What a haul!

    And I chose almost the same books you did from Random House, similar tastes 🙂


    1. Hey! Bookworm ( is a store I have been visiting for the past 15 years almost. There are no bookshops in my hometown you see and so while I was in college I used to take a 2 hr bus ride all alone, since nobody else was into reading, to McLeod Ganj once every month and buy one book. Now of course I buy enough to compensate for the whole year in the two months that I am home. 🙂
      As for the books, we do have similar tastes and more often than not we reach the same decisions afterr reading them. 😉


  2. Hi Malvika,
    I do miss your chai-pani posts (if I may call them so?). Hope to see one soon. Until then, best wishes in your new venture of book reviews! 🙂


    1. Dear Radhika,
      I miss them too. I can’t tell you how much. But what with first the job, which sucked out my soul, and the vacation during the world cup and the constant travelling coupled with a 15kg laptop with a caput battery… its just not happening. There seems to be no rhythm to my day at all, staying awake all night then sleeping during the day, cooking, no time for walks or meeting friends… its a damn hectic vacation this time!


      1. Hang in there……posts may later develop out of these very trying moments, you know? Writing is like that, me thinks. As is life, sometimes. It dunks us deep and then, proceeds to wring us like a wet towel in the hands of a tough ol’ bai. If not, we’d possibly remain dank, wet (behind the ears) and start to smell really bad! 😉
        Hee, hee…..I, too, had a monstrosity of a laptop for 8 years. Gosh, it was so embarrassing to check-in to see airline staff’s eyeballs pop out at the weight of my carry-on! Once I got my new one (in 2010), I no longer travel as much. More of life’s wring-y humour! I’ll end with what you said to me……you’ll be back!

        [P.S. I’m all wrung out of posts which is also a good thing. If it happens to you and it might, just go with it. Something new always pops up….]


      2. Thank you so much! Those are incredibly kind words to say. I can actually picture you with the huge laptop since it is an image oft repeated by me in airports. Also, the part about getting a new laptop and then not really needing it as much. That must be one of Muphy’s laws. I agree on the not over-thinking part, but when I see all these women multi-tasking around me, I begin to panic and think maybe I am not competent enough. Yesterday I saw the Argentina match with my husband till 4 in the morning, couldn’t fall asleep till 5, woke up at 11:30, rushed to dress and attend a friend’s celebratory lunch, just got back, decided to check my mail first, have to now clean the house since haven’t done that for 3 days now, burn the garbage in my backyard (oh yes, no garbage disposal here), then have to go out and meet a friend in the evening before she leaves for a trip to Europe and I don’t see her for a year, come back and make food, go to nani’s place and check on my ailing nanu and then hopefully sleep early today. It doesn’t seem much but my head is already hurting. I just wish this WC would end and let me get some sleep. I had really thought I would write so much while I was here and somehow that is just not happening. 😦 Anyway, that felt good! 🙂 Talking to someone always cheers me up! Now I will get to it with a vengance and wait for a morning when I wake up with tingling fingers and a fully-formed post in my head.


  3. You’re welcome!

    The garbage burning part was hilarious! Almost reeks of blog post material, don’t you agree? 😉 Put on a witch’s hat the next time you go into the backyard to do it and mumble ooblakadooblagooblagoo…..just for fun! Talk about poppin’ eyeballs next door, yeah?

    The multi-tasking? We (women) are way too self-conscious and almost desperate to prove our competence and/or equality. However, it helps to ask (when in doubt), “Who’s my audience here?” Nobody……duhhhhh! And then, take a deep breath to remain comfortable in your own skin.

    Radhika 😀
    P.S.1: Your Nanu is luck to have you around. Our Elders need to see they did well in us.
    P.S.2: It’s in you to write and share.
    P.S.3 & 4: Now available in stores. Go play!


    1. HAHA! Love the reply. And yes have been dying to write the garbage disposal bit… just worry it might point accusatory fingers at too many of my neighbours ;)Thank you so much for all the sweet sweet words.


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