Excerpts of a conversation between Mom and Me

We Begin!! Courtesy - The  Internet
We Begin!! Courtesy – The Internet

Me: Hullo… Ma!!

Mom: How many times have I told you not to throw things on the kitchen floor!!

Me: Ummm….

Mom: Oh not you.. I was talking to the maid. What are you up to? Is your nose blocked??

Me: Nothing much. Caught a cold.

Mom: How? What were you doing?

Me: It’s so cold here at 2000 meters above sea level Ma….. haven’t seen the sun in a week, continuous drizzle and the cloud that refuses to lift leaving us with a visibility of less than 20 meters. It was inevitable.

Mom: But, what were you doing? Why won’t you wear warm clothes or take a quilt at night?

The opening volley!! Courtesy : the Internet
The opening volley!! Courtesy : the Internet

Me: Ma the quilt is damp and not really very clean it seems.

Mom: What do you mean it’s not clean? They are all clean! I have put them in the cupboard.

Me: Ma.. remember I am not at home?!

Mom: Ohhhh yeahhhhhhh…. I don’t know why you want to do that?? Catch colds in summer, not wear proper clothes…. never listen to me….

Me: By the way Ma… Happy belated Anniversary!

Mom: Ohhhhhhhhh .. SO you remembered now! I was waiting to see when you would.

Me: Ma….

Mom: Your Dad never remembers! In all these decades… never once! Only Golf, Golf, Golf!

Warming up!!! Courtesy : the Internet
Warming up!!! Courtesy : the Internet

Me: Ma….

Mom: Even your Mosa (Uncle) was here that day… He also had no idea!

Me: Ma….

Mom: Rusty (my little cousin brother staying with mum) and Abhinav (my brother away at college) will always stay in their own worlds.

Me: Ma.. do you want to say ‘Same to you’?

Mom: You!! I expected better from you! You called me that day and spent an hour telling me all your stories, but you never remembered! I was waiting to see if you would!!

Courtesy : The Internet
Courtesy : The Internet

Me: MAAA! Do you want to say ‘SAME TO YOU’???


Me: Maa???

Mom: heheheHAHAHAHEHEHEHEheheheheh(gasps) hohohohohehehe

Me: Ma…

Mom: hehehahahaha…. RUSTYYYY..(sounds of running feet toward Rusty’s room)…..hehhehehehe

Me: Yup! People who throw stones must check the strength of their glass walls!!

Mom: Nonononono!! Ask Rusty! Me and Rusty and Papa called and called you guys, but your phone was not reachable! Who told you to stay in those mountains??

Rusty: YES WE DID!!

Me: Ma… I also called you and Rusty that day. Both of you spoke to me for an hour each with all your stories and never remembered.. ok?!

Mom and Rusty: sotto voice  Mom: Why didn’t you remember?

                                               Rusty: Why would I remember?

                                               Mom: Hah! Otherwise you remember everything!

                                               Rusty: She is your daughter!

                                                Mom: She knows we didn’t call.

                                                Rusty: Don’t admit it!

Me: I can hear both of you… you know!

Mom and Rusty: …….Silence…………

Me: Well?!

Mom and Rusty: ……….snorts and giggles …….. HOHHOHHOAHAHAHAHAHAHAHEHEHEHEHEHE

Me: ……Sigh…….

P.S. Mum’s and Dad’s wedding anniversary was on the 19th of July. Mine was on the 24th of July.


5 thoughts on “Excerpts of a conversation between Mom and Me

  1. haha…so reminiscent of conversations with my mom. Indian moms are the same everywhere, I think 🙂

    Happy belated anniversary. Hope you had a great time 🙂


      1. Just about time for me to go, You gave reason to stay back and reminiscent on my own days gone by, though long time ago ! BUT IT’S FUN
        thanx for bringing it back.
        Due Regards


  2. One of your funniest posts ever, my dear Malvika– excellent!

    Your mom has a very exuberant laugh: HOHHOHHOAHAHAHAHAHAHAHEHEHEHEHEHE
    Yes– very cheery! : )

    A very Happy Belated Anniversary to you!! (sorry, I forgot, too… : )


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