Random House August Book-bag

This month, I decided to take just two books, to do full justice to them. As it happens, I received the parcel day before yesterday and have already finished one book.


But what was funny was the journey the books had to make to reach me. They were shipped to Chandigarh first from New Delhi. Then, Dad had to send them to me to Palampur stat, since I was leaving for Bangalore through Pathankot. Dad went with the books to the bus stop in the morning to send them by bus. Usually you give it Β to the driver/conductor and tell them where it will be picked up. But it was Sunday morning and Poppy was getting late for golf. So, he asked an old gentleman standing there whether he was waiting for the bus that my Dad had come to meet and, since he was, my parcel was handed over to him. Rusty called up to tell me these developments. He said dad has said the man was going to Chadiar and was old and wearing glasses. I asked him to tell me where he was sitting in the bus to make it a little easier for myself. Rusty told me that Dad didn’t know because the bus hadn’t even arrived when he gave my books away! So, with fingers crossed we went down to wait for the bus at 3 in the afternoon. It arrived at 4 and the sweet man was standing in the bus waving the books about. In Himachal people are the sweetest and the most honest ones I have ever known. Thanks Dad for taking prompt action and thank you unknown uncle for giving them to me.

The books are:

1) Invisible – James Patterson

2) Bombay stories – Manto

I already finished reading James Patterson and will write my review soon. Today was just cleaning up home after 3 months of being away.

Ganesh Chaturthi tomorrow, the reason we rushed back! Ganpati bappa moraya!


5 thoughts on “Random House August Book-bag

  1. This is called experience. With one look, I could make out that here is the man who belongs to my tribes (village). I sat next to him for a second and asked for the favour. He quietly accepted and kept the books in his small bag along with some eatables etc without saying or asking any question. I knew books are secured and will be delivered. I did not ask for the mobile No/contact No – that is -respecting his kindness and returning a small favor in believing that yes my books will be safe and delivered. In a way one must reciprocate favours immediately and for me not asking the Mobile No is one. (imagine old man did not have the M). Have a nice day.


  2. I totally agree. Himachali ppl are the most honest lot left in India. I once forgot my bag under the seat in our Kangara valley train. The bag travelled all the way from Baijnath to Pathankot. My cousin contacted a gentleman at Pathankot who found the bad and sent it to me via a bus. Nothing was missing.
    Your post reminds me of this incident. Happy reading


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