Random House September Book-bag

Happy KarvaChauth to all my fellow hungry wives today! To top it all, its cloudy in Bangalore today and, no doubt, the moon is going to play pretty coy tonight. Hubby didn’t fast with me, considering that he has just been on a 10-day fast for Dusshera; I have no idea how he does it, I am getting pretty sulky within less than 24 hours of my last meal. Hubby’s gift to me is getting my paintings framed and on the drawing room wall.

Silly and sweet KarvaChauth gifts
Silly and sweet KarvaChauth gifts

And then the much awaited package from Random House arrived today. Two books seem just up my alley and one I am a bit apprehensive about, but that is the fun part!

1.) Private LA – James Patterson

2.) The Children Act – Ian McEwan

3.) Seven Wonders – Ben Mezrich

Now, if only the moon would rise at the correct time, then my happiness will be complete.


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