The ‘Desi’ Veggie Delight


These are ‘desi’ Capsicum. ‘Desi’ in reference to vegetables implies that they are non-hybrid and just as god intended them to be. Each of these little darlings measures about 1.5- 2 inches in height compared to the capsicum that we get in the markets here which is about 4-5 inches tall. The tall ones literally taste like water while these tiny little ones carry a punch of flavour and aroma. Have you ever seen anything more beautiful.

My mother-in-law sent them to me in a big bag of other goodies a few days back from my husband’s hometown. It is impossible that you will find these anywhere in the market in this bustling metropolis.

In a bid to be entrepreneurial, I decided to plant a few seeds of these in my balcony garden to see if I can grow them at home. Apparently they need much the same conditions for growth as a chilli plant and don’t I have one of those to prove that it can be done! They need warm temperatures, lots of sun and some shade and not too much water. The day I planted them, Bangalore experienced its first chilly day of the year, with fog and incredibly low (for South India) temperatures, making me wonder how long before the seeds will feel warm enough to make an appearance.

The one thing that I absolutely hate about growing plants, no doubt because I am so bad at it, is transferring the seedlings (paniri) into larger pots. They will invariably die the next day. So I compensate by planting lots of seeds and praying they will think they are in the ‘wild’ and grow in the pots they were planted in without any need for shifting them here and there. This usually means I get maybe one or two plants from about 30 seeds. Growing up in the ‘wild’ is terrible.

This time I have decided that I will take a chance with re-potting. That is already giving me nightmares.

Anyhow, this was three days ago. Today Hubby strolled out to the terrace, stood in front of the grown chilli plant  and asked, ‘When will the capsicum appear?’ When I told him it will be 2-3 months at least and that he was looking at the wrong plant altogether, he was flabbergasted.

I am a bit intimidated by the time frame myself, as usual. But let’s see.

Just checked the sowing chart by the, and apparently I am about three months late in sowing my capsicum. A look at his garden and I am suitably awed at both his dedication and passion for his craft.


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