Arabian Nights (Acrylic)

The stories from Arabian nights have always held a fascination for me for the vibrant, dark imagination that each one is made up of. When I came across this illustration in The Art of Dreamworks Animation, I decided to go for it.


The glaring mistake in the picture is not immediately obvious to Hubby and he is thus pretty happy with this result. One of these days I am determined to present a painting here without a single fault that I can see.

We have recently discovered white frames and so this one was also ceremoniously draped in white. Only thing, our walls are white too and me and Hubby are unable to decide on a colour for the wall that would compliment the white frame properly. He wants either red/rust/brown/green/blue-green. I want mustard yellow, also known as Indian yellow or Mango.

IMG_20150211_065646902 Until such time as it takes for him to understand that I am right, our paintings must suffer a pale backdrop. IMG_20150211_065858The Drawing room now has nine pictures, my husband’s birth date and his favourite number and he is very happy. Our home does seem a bit cluttered to me now, but also somehow incredibly cosy.


6 thoughts on “Arabian Nights (Acrylic)

      1. But, sunny yellow is great! Makes the room.. well sunny and happy! πŸ™‚ A sunny yellow drawing room sounds really sweet! And you know, if it doesn’t turn out so well.. it’s not that hard to paint over πŸ™‚ Good luck and hope you’ll enjoy the new look of the room.


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