The Random House March Book-bag

The books for March arrived while I was on another tour with Hubby. As usual, I have already read both by the time I find the time to post this. It is a matter of getting hold of the Husband’s laptop since mine has become quite impossible for the last few weeks and what with him being really busy and being glued to his laptop, blogging has become very difficult. Add to that the summer heat and a top floor flat combined with power cuts and I am pretty much unable to do anything at all. Its as if the universe has conspired against me.

It rained last night and it still is. There is a cool wind blowing and the house is for the first time in weeks not boiling hot.

The books that I received this month (last month that is) were :

PicMonkey Collage

1) 14th Deadly Sin – James Patterson

2) The Tusk that did the Damage – Tania James

Happy Reading!


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