14th Deadly Sin – James Patterson and Maxine Paetro


This book was sent to me by the folks at Random House India in exchange of an honest review

Here is another collaborative effort by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro. I remember I had read an article/interview somewhere that explained who did what in these joint efforts but I am sorry to say I have absolutely forgotten anything about it. This book again follows the template of other James Patterson books of having literally 3-page long chapters and a lot of them and having more than one plot weaving through the story. Also, short staccato sentences. Its a bit like reading those read aloud books we had as children, only without the pictures and with adult content.

This is 14th in the series of books with the members of the Women’s Murder Club as the main protagonists. These are four women whose jobs in some way circle the subject of murder – Lindsay Boxer a Homicide detective, Claire, a medical examiner, Yuki, a lawyer in the DA’s office and Cindy a crime reporter for the San Francisco chronicle – and who are also great friends. The first plot in this book surrounds a group of thugs who have taken to dressing up as cops to rob stores. The only question is whether they are impostors or real cops gone rogue. The second plot involves a seemingly random murder committed on the birthday of one of the members of the Murder Club, until a chance comment sends Detective Lindsay Boxer on the trail of a possible serial killer.

As always the book is fast-paced and there is hardly time for one to come up for air before it is finished. Because it all happens so fast, there are times when I manged to get thoroughly confused about how or what clues led to the detectives finding the bad guys. Its a real fast read and would do well for a weekend reading. I think James Patterson books are ideal for college kids and professionals who have no time for long, drawn-out story lines and would prefer a quick and easy reading fix.

I have mixed feelings about James Patterson. I pick up his books because I know they will be easy reads and yet, by the end of each story, I am never really satisfied. I never manage to connect to any of the characters and the story seems to end all too soon. None of the books that I have read by him truly stand out in my mind as great works of fiction. It is amazing to me that an author is able to churn out books every six months and still have stories strong enough to captivate such a huge fan following. Whatever one may crib about, this is no mean feat and definitely worthy of one’s somewhat grudgy admiration. And it is also true that once I pick up his book, I never put it down until I have finished and that reading his novels can in no way be classified as a tedious task.

Will I read another James Patterson book? Most definitely. Do I absolutely loooooove them? No. They are okay. Will I pick up a James Patterson book if there is a choice of another author? Probably not.


5 thoughts on “14th Deadly Sin – James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

  1. I have the same feelings as you. Read his books only if I have nothing better to read, almost always an afterthought. However, when I do read his books, they are not that bad. It’s just they are never my first choice.

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