Judging a Book by its Cover (Watercolor Series – 2)

Huckelberry Finn was always my favourite book growing up, while everyone else loved Tom Sawyer. I think it had something to do with me reading it before Tom Sawyer and that too a wonderfully illustrated edition. It was those small pocket books with a black and white illustration on every page.


Surprisingly, this is a cover that Hubby also recognised. Although he also loved Tom Sawyer better. I used my new Winsor and Newton Cotman watercolor studio set for this painting. The colors are wonderfully bright and transparent.

The cover illustrator for this is Al Leiner. Not easy to find him anywhere on the internet now since he was old school. So many of these illustrators for children’s books must have gone completely unrecognised for their whole lives before the advent of the internet.


I still have that little book with me after all these years. I have sketched innumerable sketches of from its pages and done a fair job of it over the years. It has travelled through all the army postings, been stolen in school once, gone through college and jobs and marriage with me. Its old and battered and still very much loved.

My tribute to the most beloved book and author of my childhood.


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