Judging a Book by its Cover (Watercolor Series – 3)

Out of the 50 or so Georgette Heyer books ever written, I have about 40. I loved her brand of regency romance and even her detective stories although they were never as good as Agatha Christie. Also, the book covers for all the Georgette Heyer’s from 2006 by Arrow Books are amazing. The romance novels all carry portraits executed by English artists as their book covers and are exceptional and very difficult for me to copy as yet. So, I opted for the easier, although just as loved, covers of her detective stories. I have the whole set after all.


I always loved this name – Envious Casca – and the car that is just coming over the hill. Hopefully I have managed to capture enough of the essence of the original since that particular shade of mint green was impossible to achieve, or so it appeared to me.


I love the tree and the green in the foreground. I missed out in the highlights on the car, but that’s alright if one is not prone to looking too closely.


Alright! Another one down and only about 10 more to go. Feeling extremely motivated.


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