Spirit (Acrylic)

Another acrylic painting from the Dreamworks animation book. I worked hard on the background and am extremely happy with it. I used my trusted Camel and Daler Rowney Acrylic tubes for this work. The Daler rowney tubes are great, but one must not overlook our desi Camel which holds up pretty well against these high-priced ones.

I also surprised myself by working pretty fast on this one – with a few nudges from Hubby – a mere 13 days. Considering my previous records of taking six months to finish one work, this one seems almost too fast.

The pictures have not come out very brilliant (glare and such), taking away from the background colors which were the ones I was most proud of here. What can you do? The horses are a little ‘cartoonish’ as pointed out so kindly by my brother. But, like I said, I love animation – and actually so does he – and I am ok with them. My husband was kind enough to reassure him that they had actually come out ‘much better’ than what the initial sketches had led him to believe.



As always there were some minor adjustments to the anatomy of the horses that had to be carried out post this picture but all in all,I am not disappointed.





5 thoughts on “Spirit (Acrylic)

    1. Thank you *beaming happily*. Although there is a bit of me that wonders whether I can ever re-create the effect purely from imagination. All your work is absolutely original, which is quantum leaps ahead of anything I have ever done πŸ™‚


      1. I’m wondering though, perhaps drawing/painting backgrounds from imagination is actually drawing from memory of what has been already been drawn/painted by copying, maybe with mixed up a little, like a mental photo-manipulation? With this theory in mind, I think you’re on the right way to start painting original ideas. Maybe it’s even better to have some technical skill at first πŸ™‚


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