The Creative Slump

There are days and then there are days. I think  this has been the longest hiatus I have taken ever since I started this blog. It was an acute case of excessively diminished creative drive and an astonishing degree of sloth.

Writing a piece had never been so difficult. I blamed it on a lot of things. First, and most important, was my laptop finally going completely kaput. Then, the desktop at my disposal started hanging up at every opportunity as well. The chair at the computer table gave me backache anyway, so this was no great loss. Hubby was super busy and so trying to wrangle his laptop was out of the question. Anyway, his laptop has these weird keys which are more like touch keys hardly protruding above the surface and are no fun. I like keys that sink under my fingers with a satisfying clickity-clack. Makes whatever I am writing seem incredibly important and Pulitzer-worthy. Plus, the screen on his laptop is actually touch sensitive and manages to irk me no end. Especially the slide-in menu from the right which pops up every time I so much as make a move towards the cursor the mouse.



Not insurmountable difficulties in themselves I know. I could have gotten my desktop looked at very easily and switched the chair with a comfortable one. And, in all honesty, I cannot say that Hubby did not share his laptop with me at all. Every two or three days, he would hand it over for a few hours so I could do some ‘work’. When he would come back to retrieve it, I would be horrified to see that I had wiled away the time playing Solitaire or simply shut it off in favour of some exceptionally bad TV serials.

In my defense, my fingers were just too lazy to do anything. My brain meanwhile was working at its usual grand scale of imagination. I painted masterpieces, I wrote great tomes, I read ancient texts in the greats recesses of my mind. In reality, I refused to paint, or write, or even read (unimaginable!!) and rarely cooked. I think Hubby was just pleased that I was taking a bath daily. I have watched so much TV in the last few months that the couch in the living room has a me-shaped dent in it. It is now pretty much useless to anyone else and has been known to give anyone other than me massive backaches.

I wonder whether it had something to do with my missing my trip North this summer. Maybe. Maybe Not. Today, I woke up and thought, ‘Must write.’ And so I am. Feels good and satisfying. Have an incredible number of books to review. Almost all of them are read. When did I do that? I guess, I didn’t really stop reading even during ‘the great apathy’. Which thus proves it wasn’t the ‘great’ anything, just good old-fashioned sloth.

So, here’s raising our glasses and wishing for no more slumps on the path of recording the activities of my very ordinary, mundane existence on this blue and green Earth with consistent ( or almost so) regularity.


7 thoughts on “The Creative Slump

  1. Hey, welcome back. I was wondering what happened to you. It’s funny we seem to be going through a slump at the same time. I’ve been pretty off-key last couple of month as well.

    Anyway, great to see you back 🙂

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  2. Man creativity block is always really hard. I remember, about a year ago, I fell into a huge slump that really cost me a lot of my life. Slumps effect everything in the life of a creative individual. Glad you were able to get out! here’s to many more months of not being slumped!

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