Fearless by Marianne Curley

This book was sent to me by Bloomsbury India in exchange of an honest review

Finally, I received a fantasy novel to drool over after what seemed like ages! I polished it off in a day almost two months ago and am suitably contrite to be writing a review only now. Young adult novels normally do not appeal to me now as much as they did when I was a YA myself, but there are always exceptions like this one.

This is a fun plot with angels, fallen angels and even a cameo by God, and, I must say, even a cynic like me thought the story managed to weave it all together pretty well. As always I had favourite characters and not so favourite ones, but that only adds to the the pleasure of reading the story much like watching a reality show with the good characters as well as the irritating ones keeping you coming back for more.

So, the story revolves around Ebony and Nathaneal, who were born to love each other, literally. However, they were separated by angles with other plans for them and Ebony took birth on earth and lived there for quite some time before Nathaneal found her again. At the beginning of this book, Ebony has just been captured by the evil Luca who plans to make her his queen and who actually engineered the hiding on earth scheme in the first place. While Nat and his fellow angels try everything in their power to free Ebony, they realize that they must make some pretty big sacrifices for achieving that – code of angels wise.

It actually seemed very likely at one point that Ebony would succumb to Luca in a very tried and tested M&B style if she did not escape fast enough, which was thankfully achieved by some very determined and brave people in record time. Luca seemed incredibly persuasive and Ebony incredibly ill-equipped to deal with it. Nat’s struggles with his conscience when weighed against his love for Ebony seemed entirely justified, but those of Ebony’s teenage friend, Jordan, seemed unbearably tedious and juvenile. But then he is after all been portrayed as a teenager so that should be forgivable behaviour.

The author portrays angels as more like normal human beings but with a better grasp on their emotions and pretty catastrophic consequences when they loose it. From all we have usually read or seen of angels in fantasy writing they are either stone cold do-gooders, or have completely gone over to the dark side, with occasional lapses into mundane things like a troubled conscience and even pity. This made a nice change from all else angel behaviour we have previously been made privy to.

Yes, it a sweet book where love triumphs over all, with some truly heartbreaking scenes like the one with Jordan’s mum and a lovely read for those Sunday afternoons.


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