One – Sarah Crossan

This book was sent to me by Bloomsbury India in exchange of an honest review

One is the story of two conjoined twin girls. The story is about their everyday struggles, the little triumphs, the losses, the family that holds them together and the friends they make along the way. When we meet the girls they are about to join a school after spending their entire lives being home schooled. It is undoubtedly an excruciatingly trying experience for them but their parents are determined to give them a chance to be as normal as possible.

The book has a lovely cover that becomes very self-explanatory from the first page. The pink and green color scheme is fresh and pretty, though maybe a little girly.

The most interesting fact about the book however remains it writing style. The book is written as diary entries in poetry form. They don’t rhyme or anything but it is an innovative idea to present a story for teenagers in such a way. It also makes the book an incredibly fast read.

The story is predictable but still engrossing with the emotions it strives to bring out. The family’s stress caused by the continual visits to the doctor’s for minor and major ailments isn’t something that is hidden from the girls. One can see the parents trying as hard as possible to do the best that they can by their daughters and it is impossible not to empathize with them and like them.

It has a sad ending which is always a little tricky to pull off with young people, but it worked pretty well with the overall narrative. I liked the book. It is simply written and a simple story with a set of characters with a lot on their plates. I think the moral of the story is to try and do your best with the life that has been handed to you.


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