Make Me – Lee Child

Jack Reacher strikes again. It is incredible how one character can be created so strong that it ropes you in again and again to keep following his/her exploits even when one would expect the charm to have worn off. Jack Reacher, with his rugged good looks and vagabond lifestyle, seems to have me in a constant thrall. I think it is the gypsy and the samurai hidden deep deep down in my conscious that prompts me to try and live vicariously through this very enigmatic and mysterious man. Even if he exists only on paper.

This time around Jack Reacher gets off a train at a town called Mother’s rest, simply because he is intrigued by the name. As he moves up and down the streets looking for a museum that might explain the history of this town he can’t help but notice that he is being followed by a little kid. Putting it down to small town curiosity he moves on. Only something is off in this little agricultural town. The landlord at the inn he is staying in seems to also be keeping tabs on him. And then there is the pretty stranger, Michelle Chang, an outsider like him, who mistakes him for her partner on a dark railway platform.

The plot was a bit too wild for me. I mean there are of course people who always attract trouble but this time it seems to happen for the sheer heck of it. The plot line involves an entire town engaged in a conspiracy that is a bit like the Village or some such horror movie. Jack and his new friend must figure out is what it is that they are actually up to. ย One thing is for sure, I didn’t figure out what they were doing right until the end. I kept thinking it had something to do with the agricultural silos that the author kept referring to again and again. Alas, they were just that – silos used for storage.

The writing feels a bit too hasty – as if written simply to meet a deadline. The unnecessary hurdles that are introduced only serve to make the whole plot line confusing instead of the usually interesting.

Still, like all Jack Reacher books this one is a quick read.ย And even with all its tiny little flaws, I liked it enough to read it a second time.ย It will leave you a little breathless towards the end and probably pretty satisfied.


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