Frodo and Sam – Watercolor

 After many months I picked up my watercolor brush again. To get back into the groove I decided I needed some fun inspiration. Found it in the form of the pick entitled ‘Leaving Hobbiton’ by Ulla Thynell.


She Happens to combine water, illustration and ink which is my favourite kind of work. Add to that the fact that her inspiration is from one of my favourite fantasy characters and it seemed a perfect fit. You can browse some of her other works at her website As one can see her control of watercolors is both subtle and minimalist.

The effect of the stars on a dark blue background really seems to bring the whole painting together. And I absolutely love the expressions on Frodo’s face. Even his practicality is clearly evident on his face.

Leaving Hobbiton 1

This one is my effort. And effort seems to be the right word as I try valiantly to get my colors to flow and wash and mesh together into a symphony that is both harmonious and pleasing to the beholder.


8 thoughts on “Frodo and Sam – Watercolor

  1. I always speak the truth. Well, sometimes, when I think the occasion demands it. This is one of those times. And the truth I speak is this: I prefer your version, my dear ruminating witty Malvika! Your colors are more vibrant, and I especially like Frodo’s face– he’s vigilant, but I see more strength of character there. Yes, he reminds me of myself somehow… : )

    I never get tired of reading your wonderful bio, and I laugh every time. But… is that something new I see? You’re a veterinarian?? Did I miss that before? I really had no idea. Don’t tell me your patients recommend books to you– I won’t believe it… : )

    Well, time for me to go take a bath and be Lord Of The Ring! : )

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    1. Dear Mark, I love your comments. They are a bit little reading letters from a pen friend. Thank you for the compliments, although I do think you are being nice. Frodo reminds you of yourself!! – Why I never took you for the silent, brooding type as I always think of him, thanks to the movies that keep coming up on the English channels every 3 days it seems ever since they first came out. I would definitely be Sam – much too practical for fantasy and portly into the bargain ;). Yes, I am a qualified veterinarian, but I stopped practicing about 7 years ago when I got married and moved to Bangalore where the only jobs offered were those looking after lab animals kept for research purposes by large pharmaceuticals. Since I didn’t wish to tie myself down to a 9-5 practice, which would have actually been a 24 hour job, I took up other things with a vengeance – like pursuing the art of being perfectly lazy 😉


      1. Well, you must keep in practice, you never know when a veterinarian might to called upon to step in and save the day. Then you could write a book like James Herriot, and call it “All Things Wanton and Ruminating.” : )

        Pursuing the art of being perfectly lazy… Hmm. That sounds like your usual highly exaggerated and charming self-mockery, but in any event, I agree with the 4th Earl Of Chesterfield: “Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well.” (1746) : )

        I always enjoy our exchanges, my dear Malvika! : )

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  2. Oooh, a new water colour, I nearly missed it. The night sky is beautiful with its different washes – it would never have occurred to me to paint it like that rather than a uniform colour, but it has hints of those photos of galaxies from the Hubble. Most pleasing indeed. Will check out some book reviews now!

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