Introducing a tiny, new person

Ladies and Gentlemen, having been prone to occasional disappearances from the blogging world, most of you who take the time to visit would have chalked up this absence to yet another trip home or another prolonged lazy phase.

Well, this time around, I am happy to report my reasons are much more solid. I have actually been pretty busy learning to be a mom and bringing up a tiny new person!

Becoming a mother seems quite a feat when you think of it in individual terms and hardly worth mentioning when you think back to the centuries that have been spent by the female sex doing much the same thing in some pretty intimidating circumstances. However, this being my first experience at motherhood, I choose to feel extremely smug and patronizing about my achievement.

PicMonkey Collage11

The little Dino is a much-coveted little girl and is tentatively named Nitara Triti Patil. Triti (a moment in time) is a nickname and pretty well established as fact by now. There is still some back and forth on Nitara (a deeply rooted individual), but alternatives suggested are very few and not easily agreed upon.

Having been told on the 8th of March that she would arrive via elective surgery, the entire extended family got together that evening to discuss the best “time”, astrologically speaking, to bring her into this world. The 10th, 15th and 17th of March were considered good dates and times were looked up. Since I grew up never putting much faith in these things, it bothered me a little that everyone else was trying to manipulate my child’s fate in this way. Instead, I woke up at 5 the next morning to signs of her imminent arrival. To say I found it hilarious is an understatement. As they say, ‘All the best laid plans…’. She made her mother proud by choosing her own time and was born on the 9th of March, 2016 at 10:01 in the morning.

Becoming a mother entails so much pain, discomfort and various trials and tribulations that at one point I wondered why anyone would go through it all, and some heroic women more than once. And then I watch the little Dino smile in her sleep, or stretch her tiny arms over her head in an effort to wake up, or I open my eyes at 2 in the night and encounter her doe-like ones looking straight into mine and, in the most time-honoured and clichéd of sentiments, I feel something in my ribcage grow warm and mellow. Like centuries of mothers before me, all the pain, the discomfort, the frustrations feel insignificant and completely worth it to me as well.

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And so, I promise to love and protect the little mite and to try to do my best by her for as long as I live. I will try to be understanding of her choices and ambitions, even when I fail to agree with them, and I hope to never be the one who holds her back. I will also try to be brave enough to let her explore this great wide world without tagging along all the time.

I hope we can be friends for life, but I will settle for being a great mom just as well.

On that note, here is a prayer for you my little one.

May you only encounter love and the best of everything in this world. May you grow up to be a loving, honest, loyal, strong, practical, yet kind person. May you spread your wings and find joy and freedom in all that you do. May every opportunity you look for find itself knocking at your door. May you always be surrounded by thoughtful friends and loving family. May you grow tall (or at least taller than any woman, and most men,  in my family).

Good luck my dear Nonna. Welcome to the world. Explore. Enjoy. Begin.


28 thoughts on “Introducing a tiny, new person

  1. Congrats Malvika ! You are in for the most memorable roller-coaster ride of your life 🙂
    Trite looks absolutely adorable ! A big Mwah for her too. May she be a lover of books and beautiful things, following her mother’s footsteps and may the winds of happiness and health be constants in her life 🙂

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  2. OMG!!! So that’s why you were gone. I thought work was getting hectic for you.

    Congratulations! She’s beautiful and I love her name.

    Also, it’s such a big coincidence that my daughter’s birth story is almost the exact same, upto and including the scheduled birth date of March 8th. And of course she came earlier before the scheduled date and messed up our much-researched good date and time 🙂

    Anyway, congratulations again to you both!

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  3. How very wonderful– congratulations, mom!! And after reading your lovely post, I know you are going to be a great one.

    Loved that beautiful header image of the two of you– tho from the expression on Little Nonna’s face, I think she suspected (correctly) that she was about to get posted on the internet (shudder!).

    Loved the astrology anecdote, and how Nonna elected to arrive on her own terms. Loved your prayer, too– so wise and loving, and of course the “grow tall” part made me laugh.

    I’m delighted, and I shall keep both of you in my own prayers. Great post, thanks for sharing your good news, Malvika!! : )

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  4. Congratulations Malvika and welcome to the parenthood. She is adorable. I love both her names. Enjoy every moment of her childhood as it goes by very fast. It’s fun to watch daughters grow as they are close allies of their moms and princes of their fathers.
    Have fun parenting !!!!

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    1. Thank you :). I suppose I will appreciate this time only at a distance. Right now I am running a little ragged. Or rather my mum is. And she is already her dad’s princess so no contest there 🙂


  5. Congratulation dear. I always feel proud to read your writing in what ever subject. And when the subject is as close as NONNA it delights my heart. Nitara is a very good name and we approve of it. God take care of my loved one much after I do my duty.

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  6. Hi Malvika
    Congratulations…..enjoyed reading your blog..reminded me of my early motherhood .God bless the lil angel.She is adorable.
    Take care.

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  7. Congrats, Malvika, and belated wishes to welcome your precious bundle! She looks so curious, bold and cheeky. I’m sure such strengths (me thinks polite cheek is much-needed) will make Triti’s life a fun treaty with her cool parents. 😀 Enjoy!

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    1. Thank you so much…. As you can see from the long silence she has completely overtaken my life!! The resolution on her birthday was to spend some “me” time as well… Let’s see how that goes.


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