Ink and Bone – Lisa Unger

This book was received through NetGalley in exchange of a fair review

First off, this psychological/ psychic novel shares it title with a book published only a year ago by Rachel Caine – different genres, but still I wish it were not so since the one that comes out second will have to fend off unwarranted speculations. Unwarranted because anyone who reads Lisa’s book will understand that the title of the book could simply not have been anything but the one she has chosen – unoriginal or not. Also, unfathomably, since I liked this book, I am of a mind to read the other one of the same name too, trusting in some cosmic alchemy to make it just as good a read as this one.

Ink and Bone by Lisa Unger is a thriller with a psychic heroine trying her best to save the life of a little girl. Finley Montgomery has just moved into her Grandmother Eloise’ home to start making sense of a gift that has haunted her ever since she was a little girl. It was only recently that she became aware that she was not the first one in her family given to “seeing” things that weren’t visible to other people and the fact that her mother, who repeatedly refused to believe anything Finley said, was perfectly aware of the phenomena being present in her own mother.

Finley is still trying to understand her abilities with the help of her grandmother and her mentor as well as attending school and trying to get a degree. She has not only left home, smarting under a strong sense of betrayal towards her mother, but also walked away from a relationship that was perhaps not bringing out the best in her. While her mother is not making great progress in making amends, her boyfriend actually follows her to her Grandma’s little town, the Hollows,  and takes up residence as the only tattoo artist in the neighborhood in an effort to win her back.

When a grieving mother approaches Eloise and her ex-cop non-psychic partner for help in finding her kidnapped daughter, it turns out that the psychic vibrations for that particular case are being picked up by Finley and not her Grandma. As Finley tries her best to understand how to go about solving the mystery, Eloise begins making some difficult plans of her own.

The novel is absolutely filled to the brim with suspense and drama and is engrossing and humming with mystery from beginning to end. Finley’s efforts to take control of her life, Eloise’ secret agenda, the anguish of the little girl’s mother, the colossal mistakes of the girl’s father, the utter devotion of Finley’s ex-boyfriend all play out in a smooth reel for the reader to assimilate and follow through. I absolutely loved all the character sketches in the book and was literally rooting for the star-crossed lovers in the story to sort out their problems and find true love in each other’s arms again – there are two pairs of them here. The kidnapping was absolutely terrifying for me to read – or maybe it’s just the new mother in me. The climax threw me off for a few pages, but then I caught on to the thread of the narrative once again and it seemed to work out fine.

This is definitely a great read for lovers of suspense, psychic fiction and thrill seekers all rolled in one neat package. Although the climax is certainly a little over-complicated for my taste and the constant reference to the Hollows as a sort of intelligent being starting irking me no end, I still loved the overall presentation of the tale.

A definite yes for all fans of crime fiction.


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