I AM….


Compulsive reader, couch-potato per force, bathroom singer of the shrillest decibels, oscillatingly tempramental, horrible artist, admirable cook, inconsistent baker, my father’s daughter, eternally nostalgic, chronic traveller, veterinarian by profession and inclination, the (as much as I might want to deny it) lesser half of my marriage and maybe a stumbling spiritualist in the making


42 thoughts on “I AM….

  1. Hello Malvika,
    Thank so much for stopping by and the kind words.I must complement you coz you write beautifully.very vivid and thought provoking.Glad to have come across your blog!


  2. As I continue to make my way through your posts, I stopped here to say “I’m glad to have met you” through your blog. Keep going! 😀


  3. Hi, i accidentally stumbled upon your blog and loved reading through 🙂 I love books and reading is my favorite pastime. I am definitely going to stay here for a good part of my time!! Very nice work!!


    1. Thank you 🙂 I aim to please. Although it becomes painfully clear to me when I read them again that I must do a better job of editing before I publish. Alas! Patience is not my strongest point 🙂


  4. HI Malvika, I happened to come across you blog by chance..great work and i am very happy to meet a fellow himachali 🙂 . i am also originally from himachal but in mumbai nowadays…i loved the lasuda dish post!! I would love to connect with u …here is a link to my blog http://soulandspicebox.com/shepu-gajar-matar-ka-bhujju/ and my email id is: soulandspicebox@gmail.com (drop me a mail if u want to connect). Again , really happy to meet a himachali blogger 🙂 !


  5. Thanks for being a faithful follower of my blog. It’s fun to be connected to strangers half a world away. You’ve got so much information on your site. I have enjoyed poking around here!


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