Daryaganj Sunday Book Market

Being a bibliophile in India means that one is forever looking for good deals on books. The Daryaganj Sunday Book Market has been on my must-visit list for decades now. The idea of pavements filled to overflowing with books at throwaway prizes and being sold according to weight conjures such a picture of book-heaven in one’s mind that everything else pales in comparison. So, when … Continue reading Daryaganj Sunday Book Market

Baking Cherry Tomato Topped Focaccia

Whoever said baking is therapeutic was spot on in his/her assessment. There is nothing quite like the beautiful fragrance of a hot oven containing a cake or a bread or the satisfaction of watching the “rise” of yeast-infused flour. Technique is however, crucial to any baking endeavor. I have got the hang of cakes but cupcakes seem to elude me completely. Breads and buns are … Continue reading Baking Cherry Tomato Topped Focaccia

DIY Project – Painting a wall

Painting a house is always a huge undertaking in India. First, there is the budget, then choosing the colors and then, the most important, the search for a team of painters who come recommended by at least three different people and who actually have the time to do the work. Finding skilled labour is becoming a difficult job nowadays. When we decided to paint one … Continue reading DIY Project – Painting a wall

The ‘Desi’ Veggie Delight

These are ‘desi’ Capsicum. ‘Desi’ in reference to vegetables implies that they are non-hybrid and just as god intended them to be. Each of these little darlings measures about 1.5- 2 inches in height compared to the capsicum that we get in the markets here which is about 4-5 inches tall. The tall ones literally taste like water while these tiny little ones carry a … Continue reading The ‘Desi’ Veggie Delight

Bangalore Literature Festival 2014

The Bangalore Lit Fest is really shining this year with a panel of guest speakers on topics ranging from horror to politics to Bollywood to music. It is definitely a more eclectic viewing this year than the one before. The venue is the same as last year, the grounds of the Crowne Plaza, and is beautiful and serene. The landscaped gardens with the small, artificial … Continue reading Bangalore Literature Festival 2014

Palampur Book Club – Month of Poetry

Palampur had a welcome surprise for me this time around. It welcomed with its very own official and freshly minted book club! The book club meets every third Saturday of the month at the local Coffee Day at 11:00 am. The ladies choose a book each month and their greatest triumph has been the ability to source the books they require from Flipkart, which otherwise … Continue reading Palampur Book Club – Month of Poetry

Flavours from the Kangra Valley – A Himachali Cookbook

After ages of waiting for a book on Himachali food, I finally found one. I would have almost missed it if my uncle, who loves to cook, hadn’t saved an article from the Tribune about this new find. The book unfortunately is not available in bookstores anywhere in India and must be ordered directly through the author/publisher. I am not sure how that business model … Continue reading Flavours from the Kangra Valley – A Himachali Cookbook