Daryaganj Sunday Book Market

Being a bibliophile in India means that one is forever looking for good deals on books. The Daryaganj Sunday Book Market has been on my must-visit list for decades now. The idea of pavements filled to overflowing with books at throwaway prizes and being sold according to weight conjures such a picture of book-heaven in one’s mind that everything else pales in comparison. So, when … Continue reading Daryaganj Sunday Book Market

American Gods – Neil Gaiman

Forever in pursuit of beautiful editions, I could not resist getting my hands on the latest special editions of the Neil Gaiman American Gods quartet on a teeny tiny discount on amazon. And boy, are they pretty? In the finest Neil Gaiman tradition, the jacket illustrations are compelling and eye-catching to say the least. The illustrations inside are dark and minimalist, and maybe ‘pretty’, which … Continue reading American Gods – Neil Gaiman

Party girls die in pearls – Plum Sykes

Many thanks to Bloomsbury India for sending me this copy in exchange of an honest review First day at college. Can anything ever recreate that excitement of stepping onto a campus, wearing your most fashionable togs, and looking forward to all the real and imaginary experiences you believe will surely come your way here? Ah! The naivety and optimism of youth. When that college is … Continue reading Party girls die in pearls – Plum Sykes

Mailbox Monday (21st August, 2017)

How long is a month of Sundays? Thirty weeks says google. Forever says grammar. My break from this blog falls somewhere in between. Almost a year. Everyday I would wake up and decide that today would be the day that I finally got back to blogging, but somehow, never managed to put thoughts into action. Nighttime is the best to work, I would tell myself, … Continue reading Mailbox Monday (21st August, 2017)

A lesson in love and murder – Rachel McMillan

This book was received as an ARC via NetGalley in exchange of an honest review The moment I saw the cover of this book I knew I just had to read it. The beautiful almost maroonish-brown background with the beautiful calligraphy and vintage motifs was something I absolutely adored. Also, it proclaimed the novel’s genre pretty clearly, I thought, in an extremely subtle and stylish … Continue reading A lesson in love and murder – Rachel McMillan