Girl with the pearl earring (Acrylic)

After reading about the efforts that Van Gogh put into becoming an artist, I thought I must also try and emulate the painters whose work I  love by trying to replicate their work, but without the step-by-step instruction manual this time around. In a bid to follow the great masters of art, I had downloaded quite a few paintings that I loved and thought I … Continue reading Girl with the pearl earring (Acrylic)

Spirit (Acrylic)

Another acrylic painting from the Dreamworks animation book. I worked hard on the background and am extremely happy with it. I used my trusted Camel and Daler Rowney Acrylic tubes for this work. The Daler rowney tubes are great, but one must not overlook our desi Camel which holds up pretty well against these high-priced ones. I also surprised myself by working pretty fast on … Continue reading Spirit (Acrylic)

Arabian Nights 2 (Acrylic)

There are times that my efforts as an amateur artist frustrate me like nothing else ever has. I recently read a blog where an artist struggling to complete a composition remarked that she had almost started disliking the project toward the end. I sympathize with her. By the time that I declared this painting finished I knew what I felt towards it was something akin … Continue reading Arabian Nights 2 (Acrylic)

The Beautiful Books Collection – 2 (The Art of Dreamworks Animation)

For quite some time now, I have been fascinated by the idea of owning beautiful books since I am sure that to postpone buying one such book to the future will only lead to a day when these beautiful books will become too dear a luxury to indulge in. Beautiful books refers to books with great stories and beautiful covers, illustrations and pages. In keeping … Continue reading The Beautiful Books Collection – 2 (The Art of Dreamworks Animation)

On leaving unfinished projects behind

I began this acrylic work a few days before we left for our 3-month-long vacation. It needs about two more coats to get a little bit of the effect that I want in the finished painting. For one thing, the Daler Rowney acrylic colours are so ….. vibrant ….. I suppose. Each color is just too rich. A good artist would probably know exactly what … Continue reading On leaving unfinished projects behind