Inktober 2017 – a look back

October is just around the corner and so is Inktober, which made me go back and flip through the drawings I made last year. They are nothing great and I never finished the challenge, but still it was a start of sorts. There are a few originals and most are copies of works by other artists sourced from the internet or art books or Deviant … Continue reading Inktober 2017 – a look back

Girl with the pearl earring (Acrylic)

After reading about the efforts that Van Gogh put into becoming an artist, I thought I must also try and emulate the painters whose work I ย love by trying to replicate their work, but without the step-by-step instruction manual this time around. In a bid to follow the great masters of art, I had downloaded quite a few paintings that I loved and thought I … Continue reading Girl with the pearl earring (Acrylic)

Frodo and Sam – Watercolor

ย After many months I picked up my watercolor brush again. To get back into the groove I decided I needed some fun inspiration. Found it in the form of the pick entitled ‘Leaving Hobbiton’ by Ulla Thynell. She Happens to combine water, illustration and ink which is my favourite kind of work. Add to that the fact that her inspiration is from one of my … Continue reading Frodo and Sam – Watercolor

Spirit (Acrylic)

Another acrylic painting from the Dreamworks animation book. I worked hard on the background and am extremely happy with it. I used my trusted Camel and Daler Rowney Acrylic tubes for this work. The Daler rowney tubes are great, but one must not overlook our desi Camel which holds up pretty well against these high-priced ones. I also surprised myself by working pretty fast on … Continue reading Spirit (Acrylic)

Judging a Book by its Cover (Watercolor Series – 3)

Out of the 50 or so Georgette Heyer books ever written, I have about 40. I loved her brand of regency romance and even her detective stories although they were never as good as Agatha Christie. Also, the book covers for all the Georgette Heyer’s from 2006 by Arrow Books are amazing. The romance novels all carry portraits executed by English artists as their book … Continue reading Judging a Book by its Cover (Watercolor Series – 3)

Judging a Book by its Cover (Watercolor Series – 2)

Huckelberry Finn was always my favourite book growing up, while everyone else loved Tom Sawyer. I think it had something to do with me reading it before Tom Sawyer and that too a wonderfully illustrated edition. It was those small pocket books with a black and white illustration on every page. Surprisingly, this is a cover that Hubby also recognised. Although he also loved Tom … Continue reading Judging a Book by its Cover (Watercolor Series – 2)

Winsor and Newton – Cotman Water Color Paints 24 Whole Pan Studio Set

I am a great one for mulling over things that I must buy; especially the expensive ones. Art supplies in India are so dear that buying them is nothing short of a small investment. So, instead of ย the supremely expensive Winsor and Newton artist’s watercolorย set, one must settle for the student variety Winsor and Newton Cotman 24 whole pan watercolor set, which is relatively cheaper. … Continue reading Winsor and Newton – Cotman Water Color Paints 24 Whole Pan Studio Set

Arabian Nights 2 (Acrylic)

There are times that my efforts as an amateur artist frustrate me like nothing else ever has. I recently read a blog where an artist struggling to complete a composition remarked that she had almost started disliking the project toward the end. I sympathize with her. By the time that I declared this painting finished I knew what I felt towards it was something akin … Continue reading Arabian Nights 2 (Acrylic)