Balcony Garden No. 2

I finally bought some new plants for my balcony garden. The cost of plants seems to have shot up exponentially since the last time I bought them and the charge of re-potting is just as high. The man from the nursery charged me an eye and a tooth for re-potting and then dumped this red, clayey soil into the pots and threw out all the nice black organic fertilizer mixed soil that I had worked so hard to get. Anyway, the plants seem to be doing alright for now, so I am keeping my fingers crossed about their continued well-being. … Continue reading Balcony Garden No. 2

My first little ‘balcony’ garden

  This is my first experiment with a little kitchen garden in my balcony. I simply took a strand of fresh mint with its roots from the local grocery story and put it in a pot of prepared earth. At least I hope it was because I paid for it to be, but what with the language barrier, I am not so sure it is anything more than simple red earth. Another thing the soil in Bangalore is red! It looks so alien to someone used to solid brown clods of dirt.   In the spirit of honesty, let me … Continue reading My first little ‘balcony’ garden