Ask Me No Questions – Shelley Noble

This book was requested from NetGalley in exchange of an honest review Genre : Historical Fiction, Mystery Book Cover : 4 **** Rating : 3.5 *** Dowager Countess Dunbridge, on a mission to start a whole new life for herself, disembarks off a ship on the American shores to be greeted with a bloodied corpse instead of the more conventional flowers and welcome band. Most … Continue reading Ask Me No Questions – Shelley Noble

Folk – Zoe Gilbert

Genre – Fantasy / Magic Realism Book Cover –  5 ***** Rating – 5 ***** Once again Bloomsbury manages to produce a cover design that conveys the essence and whimsy of the tale within with absolute brilliance. It is reminiscent of old Russian folktale art with its climbing, thorny vines, dark red flowers set against a black background, pretty birds with beaks dipped in blood … Continue reading Folk – Zoe Gilbert

Judging a Book by its Cover (Watercolor Series – 3)

Out of the 50 or so Georgette Heyer books ever written, I have about 40. I loved her brand of regency romance and even her detective stories although they were never as good as Agatha Christie. Also, the book covers for all the Georgette Heyer’s from 2006 by Arrow Books are amazing. The romance novels all carry portraits executed by English artists as their book … Continue reading Judging a Book by its Cover (Watercolor Series – 3)