Folk – Zoe Gilbert

Genre – Fantasy / Magic Realism Book Cover –  5 ***** Rating – 5 ***** Once again Bloomsbury manages to produce a cover design that conveys the essence and whimsy of the tale within with absolute brilliance. It is reminiscent of old Russian folktale art with its climbing, thorny vines, dark red flowers set against a black background, pretty birds with beaks dipped in blood … Continue reading Folk – Zoe Gilbert

American Gods – Neil Gaiman

Forever in pursuit of beautiful editions, I could not resist getting my hands on the latest special editions of the Neil Gaiman American Gods quartet on a teeny tiny discount on amazon. And boy, are they pretty? In the finest Neil Gaiman tradition, the jacket illustrations are compelling and eye-catching to say the least. The illustrations inside are dark and minimalist, and maybe ‘pretty’, which … Continue reading American Gods – Neil Gaiman