Bring Me Back – B. A. Paris

Many thanks to NetGalley for forwarding an ARC in exchange of an honest review Genre : Thriller Book Cover : ***** Rating : ***1/2 β€˜Bring me back’ caught my attention first because of that vibrant cover. It was surprisingly eye-catching for a non-fantasy book and very appealing with the splashes of yellow and black and purple. It is only when one looks more closely that … Continue reading Bring Me Back – B. A. Paris

Line on a map – Sourabh Dutta

Line on a map, a truly intriguing title, is an account of a true life incident that occurred in the life of an eminent pediatrician working at one of the premier institutions in the country. I wondered how a line on the map featured in the life ofΒ  busy, hard-working doctor. Figured it for some experience on an airport while travelling, because what else could … Continue reading Line on a map – Sourabh Dutta