Enthusiastic baking on Sunday morning

  Woke up early on Sunday morning and had the happy notion to bake up a storm.The weather has been really closed and cloudy for the past fortnight or so,  and something warm and sunshiny was called for.   Make way  for mum’s ‘victorian tea cake’ recipe.   I baked a cake and then still had some batter left and so..     Baked me some cup cakes in my beautiful raimkin bowls with a generous topping of roasted hazelnuts.   So, here goes the recipe for the one cake which can never be topped…   Ingredients 175 gms sugar (superfine/ grind … Continue reading Enthusiastic baking on Sunday morning

Baking on Mother’s Day

Baking will always remind me of Ma. That beautiful aroma floating around the whole house on a sunny Sunday morning makes me feel like a kid again. It is just such a happy fragrance. It reminds you of birthdays with cakes in different shapes, Dad putting up streamers, Mum making all those lovely snacks and of course, Presents!! So, I tried my hand at ‘zebra cake’ from AZ cookbook. The cake tasted lovely only, instead of a zebra cake I ended up with Volcano Mountain cake. I think that was cute too. You can get the recipe from http://www.azcookbook.com/zebra-cake/ where I saw … Continue reading Baking on Mother’s Day

Chocolate and Orange

I have never tried orange essence in a cake before and as it turned out chocolate and orange is a great combination. So, presenting another collection of bad pictures from my cell phone. Tip for birthday present : a really decent camera eg. Canon DSLR 😉 Ingredients: 175 g butter 175 g sugar (powdered) 3 eggs 175 g Maida 2 teaspoonful baking powder 2 tbsp cocoa powder 2 tbsp milk 3 tbsp orange juice (preferably fresh from a real orange) Pre – Prep: Beat the eggs till nice and frothy. Preparation: Beat the butter and sugar together till nice and creamy. … Continue reading Chocolate and Orange

Honeyed Cake

I have been baking for a long time, since I was a kid actually but today I decided to make my signature cake a little differently. I substituted honey in place of sugar. And I didn’t stick so strictly to the recipe as I usually do, instead went for it in a very hotchpotch Nigella Lawson way. Made all sorts of garnish to make it look pretty and here is the result. If anyone is interested in the recipe here goes   1 cup + 2 tablespoons Maida 1 cup of Honey( a little less actually) 1 cup + 2 tablespoons Butter( … Continue reading Honeyed Cake