Adultery – Paulo Coelho

This book was sent to me by Penguin Random House India in exchange of an honest review Remember the time when you read Paulo Coelho for the first time and absolutely loved him? The first book I read by him was ‘Veronica Decides to die’ and thought it was brilliant. It had a message that made sense to my sensibilities at that time. I then went on to read everything else by him that I could find. Interestingly, I did not love ‘The Alchemist’ as much as most people did, most of whom were men. In Adultery, we meet Linda, … Continue reading Adultery – Paulo Coelho

The Lonely House

This is an attempt at a short story following a prompt at the blog Novelicious and it just ran away from me. It is a cringe-worthy, childish effort and yet it is the first time I ever wrote on a topic someone flung at me and in the spirit of honesty I put it up for all to see. Do not read unless you are a forgiving and large-hearted person! Anna stopped her car on the side of the road and got out. It was a long drive and anyway she was in no hurry to get to her … Continue reading The Lonely House