Random House August Book-bag

This month, I decided to take just two books, to do full justice to them. As it happens, I received the parcel day before yesterday and have already finished one book. But what was funny was the journey the books had to make to reach me. They were shipped to Chandigarh first from New Delhi. Then, Dad had to send them to me to Palampur stat, since I was leaving for Bangalore through Pathankot. Dad went with the books to the bus stop in the morning to send them by bus. Usually you give it  to the driver/conductor and tell … Continue reading Random House August Book-bag

Palampur Book Club – Month of Poetry

Palampur had a welcome surprise for me this time around. It welcomed with its very own official and freshly minted book club! The book club meets every third Saturday of the month at the local Coffee Day at 11:00 am. The ladies choose a book each month and their greatest triumph has been the ability to source the books they require from Flipkart, which otherwise does not deliver to our little hill town. The group is an eclectic mix of women from different professions and backgrounds. There are those who are extremely eloquent and sorted in their views and in … Continue reading Palampur Book Club – Month of Poetry

Time to travel!

    People have been asking me what I have been doing for the past 20-odd days having been pretty much off-radar. Well, here it is. The sum total of my travels, put up for the perusal of one and all. Mother Google believes that this path can only be traversed by car or by foot. 56 hours by car. Doesn’t seem too long, does it? A pilgrimage indeed!   Varanasi was a city vibrating with the echoes of centuries of accumulated tradition and culture, where life still seems to revolve around the meandering course of the Ganga.  Delhi seemed … Continue reading Time to travel!

The New Watercolor Project – Wild Belladonna Lilies in Spring

This is my new watercolor project. It is highly ambitious for me, but I am determined to give it a try. These are wild Belladonna lilies that sprout in clumps all over the countryside in Palampur  during the spring season. I got the picture of the Lilies from the internet and there are supposed to be different varieties of the same because I am sure that the ones at home are extremely fragile and these seem too solid. Anyhow, I suppose they would look the same to most people. Continue reading The New Watercolor Project – Wild Belladonna Lilies in Spring