Lead Tin Yellow – Doug Gunnery (A book review and an anecdote)

This book was sent to me in exchange of an honest review When I received a request to review a work from an Indian author writing crime fiction set in the Unites States with American characters, I was suitably impressed. It was about time that an Indian took a serious plunge into international crime-fiction writing;¬†especially, when one reads so many books by authors who have never set foot in our country (or have only managed to travel the tourist circuit) on plots set in exotic India, more often than not managing to portray the populace as amicable snake-charmers . As … Continue reading Lead Tin Yellow – Doug Gunnery (A book review and an anecdote)

Seven Wonders – Ben Mezrich

This book was sent to me courtesy of Random House India in exchange of an honest review Seven wonders follows in the proud tradition of the slew of Dan Brownesque novels that have flooded the market in recent years. It is amazing when an author creates a work worthy of getting an entire genre named after him. In normal parlance, these novels would probably fall under the archaeological-detective-religious iconography-thriller-Indian Jones genre. Yes, calling such books the Dan Brown genre is just easier. The cover of the book is a map of the world superimposed on gears which is a nod … Continue reading Seven Wonders – Ben Mezrich

In Custody – Anita Desai

Reading morose Indian fiction is extremely trying on my nerves. It pulls me down and keeps me there for weeks after I go through any such stories. I don’t mean to say that human frailty and failings do not deserve an airing now and then. Its just that I have found that Indian authors have a knack for bringing out a deep well of hopelessness in their writings that are devoid of any stray ray of laughter or happiness to alleviate the sheer darkness of despair in the lives of their main protagonists. It is certainly a gift and definitely … Continue reading In Custody – Anita Desai

Excerpts of a conversation between Mom and Me

Me: Hullo… Ma!! Mom: How many times have I told you not to throw things on the kitchen floor!! Me: Ummm…. Mom: Oh not you.. I was talking to the maid. What are you up to? Is your nose blocked?? Me: Nothing much. Caught a cold. Mom: How? What were you doing? Me: It’s so cold here at 2000 meters above sea level Ma….. haven’t seen the sun in a week, continuous drizzle and the cloud that refuses to lift leaving us with a visibility of less than 20 meters. It was inevitable. Mom: But, what were you doing? Why … Continue reading Excerpts of a conversation between Mom and Me

Our Moon Has Blood Clots – Rahul Pandita

The soul-stirring memoir of a community forced into exile in their own country. Of a government that shut its eyes to save some votes and after 20 years has now very effectively swept the whole matter under the carpet. Of a media that refuses to share the unbiased truth about the gross injustice suffered by a section of the people of our country simply because they belong to the majority religion. How can the world view of the most intellectual citizens of one of the most intelligent civilizations be so warped, unfair and blinded, laboring under a continued misconceived notion … Continue reading Our Moon Has Blood Clots – Rahul Pandita