Methi Kadvuu & Dal Tadka (Translates in English to a very continental sounding – Fenugreek Pasta & Yellow Lentil Soup )

“Its one of those days!”, I announced to Hubbs this morning. He looked up from his laptop, and concentrated on me for about 2 minutes as his mind went over the different interpretations of that sentence. Then he noticed the … Continue reading Methi Kadvuu & Dal Tadka (Translates in English to a very continental sounding – Fenugreek Pasta & Yellow Lentil Soup )

For the love of Peanuts….

Sunday morning. Lazy breakfast. Idli is easy. Peanut chutney is must though to keep husband happy. Perfected after a lot of hit and trial. Ingredients : 1 cup roasted peanuts 2-3 red chillies 1 onion 1 tsp Channa dal little bit of coconut salt Soaked Imli/ tamarind Red chilli powder Preparation: Put the peanuts and sliced coconut in a grinder. Fry the red chillies and the Channa dal in little oil. Put in the grinder. Now fry the onions till transparent and giving off a nice aroma. Add to the grinder. Let cool. Add the imli water. Do not be afraid.. it … Continue reading For the love of Peanuts….

Dahi Bhalla – summer food

  I love dahi bhalla’s. Everytime we had a party at home when I was little, the first thing my mum put on the menu was dahi bhalla. I used to love the way my mum arranged them so symmetrically and decorated them. And they tasted amazing. So, the last time I made dahi bhalla (and put it in my beautiful bowl which I do not take out everyday, once a year is an event) I wasn’t sure how the end result would be so I didn’t bother with putting up a recipe and as luck would have it ,they turned out gorgeous. … Continue reading Dahi Bhalla – summer food

Experiments with Gajar Ka Halwa

Beautiful red carrots! Beautiful beautiful red, Delhi carrots! For the first time in my two and a half-year stay in Bangalore I found these delicious red carrots in the local Namdhari’s organic vegetable shop. So, I bought 2 kgs and decided to make Gajrela. Ingredients Grated red carrots –  2kgs Milk – 2litres Cream Sugar – 1 cup I used double toned milk. And added some cream. Whole milk would do better. In a wide thick – bottomed pan add the milk and let it simmer till it reduces to half. KEEP STIRRING TO AVOID BURNING. Add your carrots, you know the red ones. … Continue reading Experiments with Gajar Ka Halwa

My Hubby’s Favourite ‘Aaloo’ Dish

Today I made my husband’s favourite aaloo dish just the way his mum makes it. It’s extremely heavy and probably sky high in calories. But it is yummy. INGREDIENTS: Boiled potatoes – about 10 small ones Roasted groundnuts – 1 cup (1/2 cup more if you like) Finely diced onion – 1 large/ 2 small ones Jeera – 2 teaspoonfuls Kashmiri Red chilli – 4-5 spoonfuls ( for colour – not the hotness) Turmeric – 1/2 teaspoon Imli – 2 teaspoons Mustard seeds – 1 teaspoon Salt Oil – 2 teaspoons Water PREPARATION: First Put the groundnuts, red chilli, jeera, … Continue reading My Hubby’s Favourite ‘Aaloo’ Dish

Navratna Korma – the way mum used to make it

This used to be one of my favourites growing up. Now, I am married to a guy who just refuses to eat any vegetables. So, I have to come up with new tasty dishes everyday. I made this and now hubby loves beans. Ingredients: 1 cup finely chopped beans 1/2 cup chopped potatoes 3 tomatoes 2 onions – My mum used to grate them. I try to do the same but more often I just give the onions a turn in the mixie. 50 gms paneer 1 tsp ginger-garlic paste 1/2 teaspoon turmeric 2 teaspoons coriander powder 1-1/2 teaspoons chilli … Continue reading Navratna Korma – the way mum used to make it