Personal – Lee Child

This book was sent to me by the Sweet Santa’s at Penguin Random House India in exchange of an honest review Another Jack Reacher novel, I think to myself with glee. I open it tentatively, worried that this might be the one I don’t like. After all, being the 20th book in a series does take a toll on the creative juices of most authors after all. Well, I should have had just a little more faith – I read the whole book in one sitting through the night and loved it, with the only drawback being a slightly groggy … Continue reading Personal – Lee Child

Bad Luck And Trouble – Lee Child

I have loved all the Lee Child books I have read to-date and this one was no exception. Jack Reacher is a an exceptionally well-crafted character, with just the correct mix of machismo and vulnerability coupled with a romantic vagabond lifestyle to tug at the thickest of heart strings. Imagine a tall, dark, strong and silent, mysterious stranger swooping in to kill all the bad guys and then disappearing into the sunset. I also admire his quirk of being a mathematical aficionado, I suppose because I was always so terrible in maths at school. A man with so many epithets … Continue reading Bad Luck And Trouble – Lee Child