Private L.A. – James Patterson and Mark Sullivan

This book was sent to me courtesy of Random House India in exchange of an honest review This would be the third James Patterson thriller I have read in the past few month and once again, I am proud to announce, it hits all the correct spots. Its always a gamble that you might happen to pick up an author’s not-so-great effort the first time and dismiss his other works on the basis of that, as happened on my first outing with Mr. James Patterson. Thankfully, I decided to give him a second chance and am glad that I did. … Continue reading Private L.A. – James Patterson and Mark Sullivan

Invisible – James Patterson

This book was sent to me by Random House India in exchange for an honest review This was the second book by James Patterson that I have read in the past few months and, contrary to my first brush with his work, this one really lived up to its claims of being a ‘thrilling fast-paced’ read. The book cover remains true to the theme of the book, depicting a woman obscured by smoke and shadows on a background of red. Its simple and sends a clear message to the reader about what they might expect to find in the book, … Continue reading Invisible – James Patterson

Random House August Book-bag

This month, I decided to take just two books, to do full justice to them. As it happens, I received the parcel day before yesterday and have already finished one book. But what was funny was the journey the books had to make to reach me. They were shipped to Chandigarh first from New Delhi. Then, Dad had to send them to me to Palampur stat, since I was leaving for Bangalore through Pathankot. Dad went with the books to the bus stop in the morning to send them by bus. Usually you give it ┬áto the driver/conductor and tell … Continue reading Random House August Book-bag

Gone – James Patterson

This book was provided to me courtesy of Random House India in return for an honest review A truck idles along a dark suburban street, and pulls up under the shadow of a large oak. For a few minutes there is complete silence but for the comforting sounds of night crickets ( or whatever those night-time creatures are called ). Suddenly, a group of some 25 black-clad individuals jump out of the truck and rush toward the tall walls of a palatial home some 15 feet away, soundlessly throw ropes with grapple hooks and shimmy across the walls. A few … Continue reading Gone – James Patterson