Musing Mondays (March 9)

No, I haven’t completely lost track of time. Since I have been travelling continuously for the past few weeks, I haven’t been able to make updates to the blog and now I am scrambling to catch up. So this is another edition of Musing Mondays over at A Daily Rhythm , a meme dedicated to rehashing new additions to your bookshelves among other things. I received Power Play by Danielle Steele from Penguin Random House India as part of the February book review list, although a bit later than the other two books, while The Puppeteers of Palem by Sharath Komarraju was … Continue reading Musing Mondays (March 9)

A Mirrored Life – The Rumi Novel by Rabisankar Bal

I am back from my serial vacations and must now dig down to writing all the reviews I have accumulated over the last few weeks. The first I heard of Ibn Battuta was from a popular Bollywood song – who says our movies aren’t educational. When I looked him up, I was amazed at the extent of his travels at a time when  travelling even short distances must have been a nightmare. Try and imagine a man so driven by the need to explore that no ties, either family or money or women, were able to bind him down; although … Continue reading A Mirrored Life – The Rumi Novel by Rabisankar Bal

Adultery – Paulo Coelho

This book was sent to me by Penguin Random House India in exchange of an honest review Remember the time when you read Paulo Coelho for the first time and absolutely loved him? The first book I read by him was ‘Veronica Decides to die’ and thought it was brilliant. It had a message that made sense to my sensibilities at that time. I then went on to read everything else by him that I could find. Interestingly, I did not love ‘The Alchemist’ as much as most people did, most of whom were men. In Adultery, we meet Linda, … Continue reading Adultery – Paulo Coelho

Musing Mondays (9th February) and the January Random House Book-Bag

Two posts in one just shows how frugal we Indians can be – when it suits us. So, this Musing Monday is about the books I received from Random House India this weekend. The security guy in my building was so chuffed to be finally able to present me with my parcel on Saturday evening before I asked him one more time whether ‘My Parcel had arrived?’. The twitching eyelid has put a serious damper on my reading for the past 15 days. I am better now, but am determined to take it a bit slow for the next few … Continue reading Musing Mondays (9th February) and the January Random House Book-Bag