The Random House December Book-bag

The Random House December Book-bag made a slightly late dramatic entry a few days ago. It contains two books by authors I have enjoyed since I was very young. The Wodehouse is a beautiful hardcover by the way and the cover of Paulo Coelho is decidedly seductive. So the books as you can see are 1) Adultery by Paulo Coelho 2) Jeeves and the Yule-Tide Spirit – a collection of short stories by P.G. Wodehouse.   Happy Reading to me!   Continue reading The Random House December Book-bag

Jeeves and the Wedding Bells – Sebastian Faulks

I received this lovely copy of ‘Jeeves and the Wedding Bells’ courtesy of Random House India. Another Sequel to another great series. Sceptical? I understand. So was I. But as much as we bonafide bibliophiles rant and rave about preserving the authenticity of classics, most of us do at some point or other succumb to the allure of trying to relive the magic of a beloved character in a new story. I freely admit to having read all the sequels to Gone with the wind by various authors over the past few decades. I have also read a few Jane … Continue reading Jeeves and the Wedding Bells – Sebastian Faulks

Uncle Fred in the Springtime – P.G. Wodehouse

I received this book courtesy of Random House India for review. A trip to Blandings Castle is always one to rejuvenate jaded work-weary nerves. Pongo Twiselton is the hapless nephew in this book. I often wonder about the number of P.G.Wodehouse’s aunts and uncles. Only bitter experience can create true genius and such accuracy of characters as the author presents in his books. Look around my Indian friend, and you will find encroaching aunts and presumptuous uncles abound around you. We meet the hapless Pongo looking to ‘touch’ his friends and relatives for a few hundred pounds that he owes … Continue reading Uncle Fred in the Springtime – P.G. Wodehouse

Carry On, Jeeves – P.G. Wodehouse

This wonderful new edition of the P.G. Wodehouse series was provided to me by Random House India, for review purposes. I like vintage art and covers myself, but I can understand the appeal of the crisp modernistic lines of the cover illustrations on the series. P.G. Wodehouse stands for Pelham Grenville Wodehouse aka ‘Plum’ by his friends. Chew on that for a moment. I never thought of P.G. Wodehouse as someone who would be called ‘Plum’. I always imagined him as a gentleman with snow-white hair, dressed in immaculate black, carrying a pipe and stick in his hands with a … Continue reading Carry On, Jeeves – P.G. Wodehouse