Girl with the pearl earring (Acrylic)

After reading about the efforts that Van Gogh put into becoming an artist, I thought I must also try and emulate the painters whose work I ┬álove by trying to replicate their work, but without the step-by-step instruction manual this time around. In a bid to follow the great masters of art, I had downloaded quite a few paintings that I loved and thought I … Continue reading Girl with the pearl earring (Acrylic)

Spirit (Acrylic)

Another acrylic painting from the Dreamworks animation book. I worked hard on the background and am extremely happy with it. I used my trusted Camel and Daler Rowney Acrylic tubes for this work. The Daler rowney tubes are great, but one must not overlook our desi Camel which holds up pretty well against these high-priced ones. I also surprised myself by working pretty fast on … Continue reading Spirit (Acrylic)

DIY Project – Painting a wall

Painting a house is always a huge undertaking in India. First, there is the budget, then choosing the colors and then, the most important, the search for a team of painters who come recommended by at least three different people and who actually have the time to do the work. Finding skilled labour is becoming a difficult job nowadays. When we decided to paint one … Continue reading DIY Project – Painting a wall