The Nine Chambered Heart – Janice Pariat

Boats on Land was an exceptional anthology by first-time author Janice Pariat and was an absolute hit. The expectations from her were obviously very high from her after this. Her second offering, Seahorse, was a miss for me, and, unfortunately, so was the Nine Chambered Heart. The premise of the book was exceptional – nine people describe the same girl they have loved at different … Continue reading The Nine Chambered Heart – Janice Pariat

The Underground Railroad – Colson Whitehead

This was a Palampur Book Club read The Underground Railroad is the story of Cora, a slave born and brought up in an American Southern plantation and her numerous struggles and momentous decisions in life. The underground railroad is depicted as a literal underground railway system that crisscrosses all over America through underground tunnels. Obviously that was not how it worked at all, but as … Continue reading The Underground Railroad – Colson Whitehead

All the light we cannot see – Anthony Doerr

Palampur Book Club read for February 2016 Books that boast of having won great and prestigious prizes and awards have more often than not left me wishing I could have loved/appreciated them more. As I read gushing reviews for these books and find reader after reader appreciating them I tend to retreat into my shell and let it all blow over with a distinct feeling … Continue reading All the light we cannot see – Anthony Doerr

The Lives of Others – Neel Mukherjee

Palampur Book Club Read for January, 2016 Picking a book that appeals to a diverse group of people, some of whom are not avid readers is always a tough choice. I think the administrator for the Palampur Book Club tries her best to balance reading choices from the ‘heavy’ Booker Prize lists and the more ‘lighter’ popular reads and does a good job of keeping … Continue reading The Lives of Others – Neel Mukherjee

Mailbox Monday (11th January)

Being off the grid when at Palampur has become a way of life with both Hubby and me. The fact that there was little or no internet connectivity here was the primary reason and using 3G was causing excessive strain on both our wallets. Finally, managed to get the one and only local internet connection and now we are both back online. For the new … Continue reading Mailbox Monday (11th January)

Palampur Book Club – Month of Poetry

Palampur had a welcome surprise for me this time around. It welcomed with its very own official and freshly minted book club! The book club meets every third Saturday of the month at the local Coffee Day at 11:00 am. The ladies choose a book each month and their greatest triumph has been the ability to source the books they require from Flipkart, which otherwise … Continue reading Palampur Book Club – Month of Poetry