For the love of Peanuts….

Sunday morning. Lazy breakfast. Idli is easy. Peanut chutney is must though to keep husband happy. Perfected after a lot of hit and trial. Ingredients : 1┬ácup roasted peanuts 2-3 red chillies 1 onion 1 tsp Channa dal little bit of┬ácoconut salt Soaked Imli/ tamarind Red chilli powder Preparation: Put the peanuts and sliced coconut in a grinder. Fry the red chillies and the Channa … Continue reading For the love of Peanuts….

My Hubby’s Favourite ‘Aaloo’ Dish

Today I made my husband’s favourite aaloo dish just the way his mum makes it. It’s extremely heavy and probably sky high in calories. But it is yummy. INGREDIENTS: Boiled potatoes – about 10 small ones Roasted groundnuts – 1 cup (1/2 cup more if you like) Finely diced onion – 1 large/ 2 small ones Jeera – 2 teaspoonfuls Kashmiri Red chilli – 4-5 … Continue reading My Hubby’s Favourite ‘Aaloo’ Dish