Judging a Book by its Cover (Watercolor Series – 3)

Out of the 50 or so Georgette Heyer books ever written, I have about 40. I loved her brand of regency romance and even her detective stories although they were never as good as Agatha Christie. Also, the book covers for all the Georgette Heyer’s from 2006 by Arrow Books are amazing. The romance novels all carry portraits executed by English artists as their book … Continue reading Judging a Book by its Cover (Watercolor Series – 3)

Arabian Nights 2 (Acrylic)

There are times that my efforts as an amateur artist frustrate me like nothing else ever has. I recently read a blog where an artist struggling to complete a composition remarked that she had almost started disliking the project toward the end. I sympathize with her. By the time that I declared this painting finished I knew what I felt towards it was something akin … Continue reading Arabian Nights 2 (Acrylic)

Judging a Book by its Cover (Watercolor Series -1)

I have long wanted to experiment with my love for books and the recent serious dive into watercolor painting by combining the two. As some of you might have deduced a while ago, I love beautiful book covers, always have. As I am not imaginative/passionate/artistic enough to make my own, I decided to choose book covers that I have loved since I was a child … Continue reading Judging a Book by its Cover (Watercolor Series -1)

Gondola ( Watercolor )

As earlier shown, And the final product… Its Finally done. The water was as usual a complete nightmare. This is a watercolor project from Joe Francis Dowden. More than the water the most important lesson was that I must try smaller paintings, if only I could show everyone the way I struggled to reach far-flung areas of my painting by literally sleeping on the board. … Continue reading Gondola ( Watercolor )

The Beautiful Books Collection – 2 (The Art of Dreamworks Animation)

For quite some time now, I have been fascinated by the idea of owning beautiful books since I am sure that to postpone buying one such book to the future will only lead to a day when these beautiful books will become too dear a luxury to indulge in. Beautiful books refers to books with great stories and beautiful covers, illustrations and pages. In keeping … Continue reading The Beautiful Books Collection – 2 (The Art of Dreamworks Animation)

Lady with Parrot (Watercolor)

The lady with the parrot is another famous sculpture from the famous Hoysala ┬áBelur – Halebid temples in Karnataka. For some reason I really struggled with her face, probably because it was at a slight angle, thus making it difficult to fit her features into the side that faced the viewer. Also, I had to get the size right and I struggled a lot with … Continue reading Lady with Parrot (Watercolor)

Darpan Sundari ( Watercolor )

This one took less time than the last one, with my husband shouting encouragement over my shoulder. I thrive under appreciation. Its the way my Dad and Mom raised me. This is second in the series of the Madanika’s that I had decided to do. The Darpan Sundari Madanika is a beauty so besotted with herself that she is forever staring at herself in the … Continue reading Darpan Sundari ( Watercolor )