Weekend Gluttony – Pav Bhaji

Weekends always call for something a little different from the weekly cooking. A meal that you can pig out on and then sleep off during your afternoon nap. And having a ‘picky – eater’ in the family does not make things easier. Today I opened the fridge and found all bits and pieces of vegetables that were just perfect for making Pav- Bhaji. An effective way to clear out the fridge and make my husband eat his vegetables too! Though to be honest, the milky- white ” Pav ” does cancel out about 80% of the health benefits of the veggie – … Continue reading Weekend Gluttony – Pav Bhaji

My Hubby’s Favourite ‘Aaloo’ Dish

Today I made my husband’s favourite aaloo dish just the way his mum makes it. It’s extremely heavy and probably sky high in calories. But it is yummy. INGREDIENTS: Boiled potatoes – about 10 small ones Roasted groundnuts – 1 cup (1/2 cup more if you like) Finely diced onion – 1 large/ 2 small ones Jeera – 2 teaspoonfuls Kashmiri Red chilli – 4-5 spoonfuls ( for colour – not the hotness) Turmeric – 1/2 teaspoon Imli – 2 teaspoons Mustard seeds – 1 teaspoon Salt Oil – 2 teaspoons Water PREPARATION: First Put the groundnuts, red chilli, jeera, … Continue reading My Hubby’s Favourite ‘Aaloo’ Dish

My Favourite Sunday Breakfast

I really love potatoes. Really love them. My waist is a testament to the fact. And following in the footsteps of the Pioneer Woman I decided to put up a step by step photo op of my dear sandwich recipe. The camera is still broken so I made do with my hubby’s Nokia. The pics are fuzzy at times so bear with me. Here goes.. Boiled potatoes. Get good potatoes always. Essential. Mash them up good. Add Salt and turmeric. Donot add too much, or you will get a very sour taste of the uncooked turmeric. Its just for color.(fuzzy photo no … Continue reading My Favourite Sunday Breakfast