Weekend Gluttony – Pav Bhaji

Weekends always call for something a little different from the weekly cooking. A meal that you can pig out on and then sleep off during your afternoon nap. And having a ‘picky – eater’ in the family does not make things easier. Today I opened the fridge and found all bits and pieces of vegetables that were just perfect for making Pav- Bhaji. An effective … Continue reading Weekend Gluttony – Pav Bhaji

Spinach Rice – A Green Dish for Blue Days

Winter is here again. Or at least it is back home. While most people up north are celebrating it with ‘saag’ and ‘makki ki roti’ I must conjure up some other green recipes of my own in order to compensate. Found this recipe for Spinach Rice years ago in our very own Tarla Dalal’s cookbook. The husband loves it and its not too much hassle … Continue reading Spinach Rice – A Green Dish for Blue Days

Spinach and Sweet Potato Bake

 I love all the cookery shows and competitions and always thought I would make those sumptuous dishes one day. For some reason that never really happened till I started with the BBC Magazine. Therefore much to the chagrin of my dear husband I announced that we would be having an ‘English’ dinner one of these days. I could see the superhuman effort it took for him to … Continue reading Spinach and Sweet Potato Bake

Himachali Bhature – What the world calls Pita bread

A few weeks ago my husband and I stopped at a little Lebanese fast food in Bangalore and tasted Hummus and Falafel for the first time. They were great and we are officially hooked. But what I found most interesting was the Pita bread they served with the Hummus. It was exactly the kind of bread/ bhature which are cooked back at home during weddings and other … Continue reading Himachali Bhature – What the world calls Pita bread

My Hubby’s Favourite ‘Aaloo’ Dish

Today I made my husband’s favourite aaloo dish just the way his mum makes it. It’s extremely heavy and probably sky high in calories. But it is yummy. INGREDIENTS: Boiled potatoes – about 10 small ones Roasted groundnuts – 1 cup (1/2 cup more if you like) Finely diced onion – 1 large/ 2 small ones Jeera – 2 teaspoonfuls Kashmiri Red chilli – 4-5 … Continue reading My Hubby’s Favourite ‘Aaloo’ Dish