The Children Act – Ian McEwan

┬áThis book was sent to me by the wonderful people at Random House India in exchange of an honest review The minimalist and yet, wonderfully eloquent cover of ‘The Children Act’ by Ian McEwan does complete justice to the story that follows. The image of a young boy jumping over a puddle on a very subtle blue cover gives the impression of a bird in flight viewed from afar. You can do little but admire his carefree grace and pray for his happiness in his innocence to last him a lifetime. ‘The Children Act’ opens with a husband asking his … Continue reading The Children Act – Ian McEwan

Our Moon Has Blood Clots – Rahul Pandita

The soul-stirring memoir of a community forced into exile in their own country. Of a government that shut its eyes to save some votes and after 20 years has now very effectively swept the whole matter under the carpet. Of a media that refuses to share the unbiased truth about the gross injustice suffered by a section of the people of our country simply because they belong to the majority religion. How can the world view of the most intellectual citizens of one of the most intelligent civilizations be so warped, unfair and blinded, laboring under a continued misconceived notion … Continue reading Our Moon Has Blood Clots – Rahul Pandita