Missi Roti – for those winter mornings

Sometimes you just need dollops of love that comes from heaps of melting butter on your plate. Usually on cold winter mornings. The tricky part is deciding what you want to complement your butter that day. It could be hot ‘aloo’ paranthas or maybe ‘sarson ka saag’. This time I tried something different, Missi Roti!

Ingredients :

Besan (gram flour) – 1 cup

Jawar ka atta (sorghum flour) – 1/2 cup

Wheat flour – 1/2 cup

Onion – 1

Green chillies – 2


pinch of Turmeric


a bit of garam masala

Water to knead

Ghee/oil to fry

Prep :

Chop the onion into small uneven pieces.

Grind the chillies and some coriander together too leach out the juices.


Knead the besan, jawar, wheat flour, onion, chilli and coriander paste, turmeric, salt to taste and a pinch of garam masala into a nice soft dough with some lukewarm water.

Cover with wet cloth

Cover With a wet cloth and leave for half an hour or 15-20 minutes.

Make into small balls and then cover for another 20 minutes.


Missi roti

Take a portion of the dough onto the wet cloth and flatten out with you fingers.

Rolling the dough

Roll out carefully without adding any dry flour.

Missi roti - ready for the pan

Punch a hole in the middle of your roti. (That’s my mum-in-law’s trick to add oil through the center while cooking. )

Almost done

Pick up the roti along with the wet cloth..

And onto the tava

Deposit it onto the tava, roti side down and then simply remove the wet cloth. Add some ghee/ oil through the center hole and around the edges. cook on a ‘sim’ flame.

Missi roti

Flip and repeat till cooked on both sides.

Enjoy with dollops of butter then hibernate for winter!!!


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